Wildflowers of Waterton Park



Flowers of Waterton Park Flowers of Waterton Park Flowers of Waterton Park Flowers of Waterton Park

Jacinthe Lavoie has been an outdoor enthusiast and a flower-bug since her childhood days wandering the woods. She can often be found peering closely at a flower, heavy backpack still on her back!

With formal training as a researcher, she has spent her time observing and photographing nature through the seasons. Jacinthe has written more than twenty educational books and co-written several others.


After more than thirty years as an educator and writer, Jacinthe is now pursuing her passion of researching and photographing mountain wildflowers.

Waterton Wild will combine her talents as a photographer with her skills as a researcher and writer.

Ian Wilson has also been wandering the mountains and woods since his childhood. Photography has been a passion for decades, from the days of roll-film and light-meters, to the age of digital cameras.

Ian spent many years exploring and photographing northern Canada, and has written several adventure books. With his book design, editing, and photography background, he is excited to be part of this book.

Jacinthe and Ian hope that this book will peak your interest in the flowering beauty of the area and lead you to discover new trails. Their goal is to inspire others to appreciate the natural heritage and beauty of this special place.

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